Where is my "data"

 Muse Now stores your data in the iTunes File sharing section.

Follow these steps:

  • plug your iPhone into your computer
  • open iTunes
  • tap on the device icon in the upper left corner
  • go to Settings » File Sharing » Muse Now
  • drag any file onto your desktop

We take your privacy seriously. More details in the Privacy section.

How do I change my "weekly routines"

Currently, the Weekly Routines is a preview.

The final version will allow you to add and remove routines, as well change the color. It will be available in a future update as an in-app-purchase.

Meanwhile, you can change an existing routine. For a quick run-through, on the app:

  • slide left to the menu page
  • select: menu >> routines
  • tap on the information icon, which looks like a beaker

For the preview version, the options are rather limited. You cannot change the color or number of entries. But, you can changes the titles, begin and end time, and days of the week.

Advanced Tip: you could edit the Routine.json file in the iTunes File Sharing section. But, this is not for the faint at heart and is unsupported. If you mess up, simply delete the Routine.json file, and a new demo version will be created.

The final version will allow you to change colors, add and delete items, and edit individual items. So, ultimately, you'll get to see what you real routine is really like.

Why is the menu page so empty

To fill up it with more stuff

With new releases, we want to make room for the 6 basic questions; to make room for Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why.

For the first version, we focus on When. This makes sense for a watch, where its traditional role has been on timekeeping. And then we put settings under How, as in "How would you like to focus?"

The next version will expand on When, with your weekly routine. Right now the routine is a demonstration. You can tweak it now, but cannot log what your actual routine was, versus what you planned it to be.

What can we expect in the future

Record your thoughts for perfect recall

Where things become interesting, is when you can record What you are thinking and Where you are, simply by raising your wrist. Both your recordings and a transcription of what you said (or were you singing?) to annotate a timeline. This annotated timeline enables your life to be searchable for perfect memory.

Surface new insights

What if you could apply machine learning to build a model of yourself? What would you discover about yourself? How could that model do your bidding at superhuman speed.

I was expecting something different

There are many "muses" — here are a few:
  • Muse the musical group, try
  • Muse the headband, try
  • The Muse the career resume site, try
  • The OG Muse, perhaps wikipedia?

Perhaps, adding a couple more keywords to your search will get you to the right place. Good luck!